Cup of Life - Anleitung

by Elvira aka Toffe Fiona 

When I have decided to make a cup of life I searched the internet and all known 'keshe stuff' places to find the info I needed.

I had found a bits and pieces, but I couldn't find a tutorial. As I'm a visual person, I needed examples to make my own version, but even the images of the final product, were hard to find.

Anyway, I really wanted to make my own Cup of Life -- my stubbornness came in handy this time! I used the information that I've found all around and collected material to start.

I've decided to document the whole process so that people who wish to make one for themselves, can benefit from my example and my mistakes ;)

I found my copper cup at Amazon. Copper wires, and all the other things needed for nano coating, I already had. 

I started with the spirals, clockwise and anticlockwise, I've made 6, but for this cup we need 5 spirals - 4 on the sides and 1 under the cup.

I choose for the caustic as a nano coating technique because I had wonderful results before.

I did hot caustic bath, caustic vapor steaming( added food, plants, vitamins, etc) and finally steaming and drying.

I assume that people who read these words are familiar with the process of nano- coating technique with caustic. To those who are not familiar with it, I recommend to watch this video:


After hot caustic bath and vapor steaming, I prepared my container for a second caustic vapor steaming, this time with lots of fruits, vegetables and plants. I also put some vitamin and mineral pills in my container, herbs that I know off that are good for me... eventually, you can use everything that your intuition tells you that it will benefit your body and mind. 

During this step it is very important that you use your INTENT. Put your wishes and goals that you wish to achieve in this container together with other ingredients, everything that you wish to get back to you from your Cup of Life.

Don't forget put lots of LOVE in there ;) 

With this process, please be careful, do this in a ventilated room -or even better - outside! These vapors are not good for you.

After one day of being in caustic soda, your food ingredients will stink big time, be aware of it.

My spirals were not perfectly black so I put them back for steaming process for more two days, using a plastic bottle. 

After that, everything was ready to be put together. For the spirals, I used wide tape. As I said before - four spirals on the sides and one on the bottom. Be sure about the precise place where you want to put your spirals, because when you use tape and afterwards wants to move the spirals, the sticky tape can remove a layer of your nano-coating. 

Finally, I protected my Cup of Life with a plastic bag. 

Yay.... ready for use !!! <3 

Thank you very much, I'm wishing you lots of success and joy with making and using your own Cup of Life.

With gratitude,


Danke an die Autorin !!