Energie als Nahrung

Energy as food

Unlimited source of Food energy

Using the energy of food to feed the world

When every member of the family have access to quality food the moment of need, there will be no more food starvation in any country. With plasma technology, we present a way for man to use the unlimited supply of energy from tiny bits samples of food to feed everyone in the family. This simple process can be replicated by any man around the world to have unlimited supply of food energy for the body to use. 





Materials needed are the following:

tiny bits of good food samples, in this case fruits and vegetables inside a clean glass jar with cover. 




Caustic solution or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) granules with water. One can find this in a grocery store as a drain de-clogger. Good solutions are only made of water and (NaOH) Sodium Hydroxide. Caution: Wear protective gloves and eye protection when handling the container of this material. A well ventilated area is a must. 




Place all the fresh/dried clean and edible food samples inside the clean glass jar container. In this example we have banana, carrot, spinach, moringga leaf, tomato, raisins, rice, tangerine orange, squash...etc 




In a well ventilated area, preferably outside the house, put caustic solution into the container and add some distilled water to dilute the solution. Around 15% caustic solution to distilled water. 




Put back the glass jar cover to keep the steam from the reaction inside the container. Never inhale any of these steam. Glass jar cover can be made of plastic or put a sheet of plastic first to cover the opening of the glass jar in case the cover is made of aluminum. Aluminum will react with caustic, a plastic layer will protect it. 





To accelerate the process, one can put this jar in a pot of warm water to keep the jar and the solution in it warm. 




Or simply use the freely available energy of the Sun. One can use an aluminum foil to bounce back the light towards the jar. After two hours exposure, the solution becomes darker in color. These process could take several days but with the help of the Sun energy we are able to accelerate the process. 




After another couple of hours later the solution gets even darker in color, the caustic solution is turning bits of food into individual nano materials which we can rinsed at least four times or more later with distilled water to remove unwanted caustic solution should their be any left. 

One can continue the process to take place for another day of Sun exposure to collect more materials

from the remaining food bits or one can take what is already available. 






The collected materials that is with distilled water during the rinsing process can then be used as food energy source. One can place these materials with the distilled water on a piece of tissue paper inside a plastic bag which can be flattened and sealed to avoid water from evaporating. 

This flattened plastic bag can then be placed around outside of a glass of drinking water to influence the water in the glass to have the energy of the food samples. This same patch can also be placed near our belly or in a jacket pocket so that our body can easily get the energy it need at any moment. 

The rinsed materials we have is now called our food GANS or the nano materials of the food samples we have collected and

converted into GANS form. These materials can also be mixed with the water of CO2 GANS which make the entire combination of energy very good for the human body. Our body will only take what it need at any moment from this energy source we have just created which is an unlimited “food energy” source for the body to use.

GANS is another state of matter in nano state form which have these energy fields around it that the human body can interact naturally. These GANS of food samples contained the energy of the collection of food we have and this form of energy can easily be used by our body at any moment. The human body can easily use this energy source directly without the need to go the digestion process. In fact we do not have to eat these materials, the energy it presented is what our body will use naturally. With the plasma energy of our body, it interacts with this plasma source of food energy that whenever theres is a need, the body simply take what it require at any moment.


Replicate this simple process, share it with everyone, your friends and family. Be careful with handling of caustic materials, never touch it with your bare hands. Always work in a well ventilated area and never inhale the steam coming out of the reaction process in the glass jar. Always were protective gloves for safety. Read the label on the caustic solution that you use and understand it. It should be that the caustic solution you will have is only water and sodium hydroxide. Any other chemicals in it is not for this purpose. One can get pure sodium hydroxide granules from an air-conditioning service supply hardware or chemical supply stores.

Visit keshefoundation.org or get in touch with people doing

similar solutions, you can find a group on Facebook and the keshefoundation.org forum.




This process have come to reality because some very loving people shared their knowledge to humanity.

Credits goes to:

keshefoundation.org and its founder Mr. M.T. Keshe for the

knowledge and support he have shared to humanity.

Jacky Buensoz for sharing the simple process of making GANS of food.

Douglas Edwards for the health cup idea.

Keshe Foundation Philippines for sharing the knowledge and



Danke an den Autor !!