Health Cup

von Osmin OZ Camero

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3. Februar um 17:20

This will be the first attempt at creating CO2 Energized water using this version of the Cup of Life. There have been some concerns raised about leaving a nano coated copper wire exposed in water and creating GANS in the water. The water will only be left in the cup for 24 hours and will be placed in a separate container for comparison. There is another cup that is being used as a control with just a nano coated coil in the center and no CO2 GANS on the outside.


02/05/16: Update on Health Cup - It has been 24 hours since I started using the Health Cup. Some of the observations that I noticed yesterday.

1) It was much easier staying calm and centered yesterday than normal.

2) I ended up giving a brother $10 instead of the normal $5 I usually give.. I actually gave him the $5 bill first then got the feeling "give more" so I went back in the wallet and gave him another $5

3) Last night at 11pm when I usually would have been in bed, I decided Ii would go shovel out the snow around the car. 2 Hours later I shoveled the snow around the cars, half the parking lot, made a path to the trail by our complex so all the residents can get to it. Dug out the community garbage can so everyone can get to it and swept and shoveled snow off the neighbors decks, patios and stairs. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to be up for work in 4 hours I probably would have continued. I was still full of energy. So day 1, already noticing difference from the norm. Will continue to post what I notice.